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Elegant style

Elegant style



Kunsthalle Hamburg

Architecture inspiration


Chasing Musical Moments with Director @nabildo

For more snapshots from Nabil’s journeys, follow @nabildo on Instagram. To follow the 2014 MTV Music Video Awards—where Nabil’s video for “All Of Me” has been nominated—browse the #VMA hashtag.

"When I hear music I like, my mind turns into a pinball machine," says Nabil Elderkin (@nabildo). “Music, traveling and even some self-doubt are probably what drive me the most creatively.”

Though Nabil is perhaps best known as a video director—his recent work includes John Legend’s “All Of Me" and Beats by Dr. Dre’s "The Game Before The Game"—Nabil also self-identifies as a photographer and “amateur professional.”

"My film work can be pretty dark," he admits. "I like to think I am a little more approachable and humorous on Instagram."

His account reflects this playful, almost music-video-like sensibility, and often feels like a scrapbook of vibrant street photography from his international travels.

"I chase birds all over the world with my iPhone,” jokes Nabil. "When I get off a plane in a new place, my lungs fill with a new air."

Inspired by music.

Great style…

A little architecture inspiration

A little architecture inspiration

Love her always…

Love her always…

It’s the small details of design.

Photo inspiration

Architecture inspiration, clean lines.

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